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Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions all the time from local homeowners who are looking for the right way to sell their homes. The process can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when there are many variables to consider. Our team is dedicated o finding the best solution for every homeowner we work with. Below we answer some of the questions we hear most often. If there is anything you would like to know or discuss, please reach out to us at any time! 509-309-8129

Q:  Do you list homes or buy them?
A:  At NWC Investments, we purchase houses in the Spokane area direct and quickly. We’ll help you compare your options, so you can decide if you should list or sell directly. Our ultimate goal is helping you make the best decision for your situation!

Q:  How do you determine your offer prices?
A:  Our offer prices are based on what is going on in the current real estate market. We’ll evaluate your home and compare it to others that have recently sold in the area. We will look at the repair costs and any other expenses we will incur when purchasing. From there, we will present you with a fair, transparent, and no-obligation offer. Whether you decide to sell to us or not, getting our offer will give you serious insight into the value of your home.

Q:  What are the costs involved to work with you?
A: When you work with the team at NWC Investments, you won’t have to spend a dime in order to sell your home.  We are direct buyers who purchase as-is. There are never any repairs, commissions, or hidden fees to worry about. We offer a way to sell your house that won’t cost you a dime.

Q:  How long will the process usually take?
A:  In most situations, we are able to close on a property within 7-10 business days.  We will always work on your schedule, closing on the day that is the most convenient for you. Imagine all the money you can save by selling in a few days instead of months down the road?

Q:  What kind of properties do you buy?
A:   We specialize in residential homes anywhere from Spokane to the Tri-Cities area. The homes we buy are usually under $400k.

Q:  What makes you different from other buyers and real estate professionals?
A:  We’re not here to score a quick profit. As locals and natives to the area, we thrive on helping our friends and neighbors find real estate solutions. We love buying and restoring old houses, but we also know that a listing sometimes makes sense too. We will always keep your best interest in mind, so you can be sure you are making the best decision possible when trying to sell your home in Spokane.

Q:  Is there any catch?
A:  There is never any catch, hassle, cost, or red-tape when you work with us. We are not going to put you under any obligation and we’re not going to bug you about a sale. Homeowners have options when selling their homes. A traditional listing isn’t always the answer!

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